Building Project

The monks have officially completed the exterior of their new monastery. This latest video was taken on 5/23/20 showing the outside trimmed and painted. As most people will understand the interior is taking a lot longer than anticipated, especially given the recent pandemic. The fire suppression system was just completed and they hope to be moving to insulation and drywall on the next phase of the project. The monks are still moving forward in faith as they do not have all the funds needed to complete the building. They are praying and hoping the donations will come.    Won't you help the monks by clicking on the the donate button?


Check back each week for the latest video footage of the monks Sacred Heart Monastery building project.

          Monastery building progress 

           exterior complete 10/15/19

Monastery Building progress 

           Fly over 2/15/19

Monastery Building progress 

           Fly over 1/31/19

Monastery Building progress 1/18/19

Monastery Fly Over 6/21/18

Stem walls were poured this week

Monastery Fly Over 6/7/18

Monastery Fly Over 6/15/18

Ground perspective 6/21/18

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3D Drawings of

The New Chapel and Living Quarters for the Monks